Photo of handout from design thinking workshop at Stanford's

What I learned at

This summer (yes, I’m just writing about it now) I attended An Introduction to Design Thinking at Stanford’s I’m not new to design thinking, but to be a good design thinker, you have to approach the problem as though you’re new every time. So, starting from square one is very good practice, especially when the professional world is often insisting on expertise and quick turnaround.

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Slide of Brand is Culture

Making something better is an act of compassion

One key recurring theme I got out of the 99U Conference in New York City was people. In short, you need to put them at the center; listen to them and make them feel good.

Indeed, we acknowledge our shared humanity by creating an empathetic experience. So, making something better is an act of compassion.

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Inclusivity: Notes and quotes from a killer conference

Last week I was at the 99U Conference in New York City, which is about making ideas happen. We all know that conferences often fail to bring it, which then brings out the cynic in me or worse, a serious case of the existential angsts. So while optimistic, I wondered what would be delivered. Would I feel amongst my people? Would I come away feeling clear about what steps I wanted to take next? Would I have a good time?

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