Further Reading

I like to read! Additional reading recommendations are on the other pages, too.

Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon. A quick intro to how artists work, which can be anathema to academics. Show Your Work, another of AK’s books, is also a great guide to sharing process. It can be a useful model for how to document and share what users make in maker spaces and innovation sandboxes, especially if you are a sponsoring organization.

The Storm of Creativity by Kyna Leski. I’m reading this book now. It’s for a very design audience (think lots of grey and black). It may be right for you if you want to think about creativity and how it works.

How to Kill Creativity in Harvard Business Review. Killing creativity makes me sad. BTW, micromanagement is one easy way to leave creative people feeling lifeless. I recommend looking for places and programs where experimentation is encouraged and the end product is not well defined. Public programs and community engagement initiatives are perfect.

Inspiration Sandwich: Stories to Inspire Our Creative Freedom by SARK. This is a really fun book, especially if you’re open to earth mothers and bright colors. I received this book in college and it was a little bit like going on a psychedelic trip but with none of the fears about harming your liver. It’s a great stretch for those of us who get bogged down by rules.