MAKE SHARE is about cultivating creativity and empathy at work.

A creative and empathetic culture means collaborative relationships within your organization and with people who use your services. It means making new things, together.

On MAKE SHARE you’ll find resources related to improvisation and design thinking, two of my favorite methods for fostering creativity and empathy.


I find supporting creativity and empathy meaningful, especially in times of uncertainty and change. It’s also fun, and can empower people to contribute even when they don’t know the answer. Turns out this can often lead to discovery and innovation. It can also lead to good feelings at work, which is no small thing either.

My name is Karen Lauritsen and I work in higher education. Currently I’m managing director with the Open Textbook Network, where I consider making and sharing at the heart of my role. In 2014, Library Journal named me a Mover and Shaker with the moniker Improviser in Chief.

Some fun projects, collaborators and highlights:

Some fun speaking engagements:

  • Keynote speaker at VALA2016 in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Invited speaker at Vancouver Public Libraries as part of their 2016 strategic planning process.
  • Short talk at TEDxUCLA about how not knowing can inspire innovation.