Named one of 50 influential Movers and Shakers

Last month Library Journal announced their annual cohort of Movers and Shakers, and I was super excited to be among the group of 50 people selected from more than 225 nominations received from throughout the country. It’s awesome company to keep.

Totally new title

Anna Gold, the university librarian at the Robert E. Kennedy Library at Cal Poly where I work, coined a totally fab title for me in the application that I’d like to see on my business cards one day: inventor-in-chief. Pretty fun, right?

Because of my background in improv Library Journal put a spin on it: improviser-in-chief. Also fun! Invention is improvisation and vice versa, so I’m into it.

Time for reflection

Like anything, becoming a part of the Mover and Shaker community has been a process. Part of that process involved an interview for the profile. Journalist Caroline Lewis sent me very thoughtful questions that I wouldn’t have otherwise stopped to ask myself. It was a wonderful opportunity to reflect on what we’ve been doing, what it means, and where I see things going.

Here are a few of Caroline’s questions that I took some time to ponder:

  • What do you think the role of the library should be in terms of creating a common space for people?
  • What library initiative(s) that you have taken on are you most proud of? What were the outcomes?
  • What has been most rewarding about your job? Most challenging? Have you had trouble getting support for any of your initiatives?
  • Where do you see yourself going from here? Will you stay in the library field?

I enjoy asking others questions and hearing their stories, but sometimes forget that I need to take time to reflect on things myself.

How do you make time to ask yourself questions? What are the ones you find most useful?

Here’s my profile and in-depth interview on Library Journal. Read about this year’s 50!