Top Tip #2 /// Hire a talented designer

Hire a talented designer. Design is a big deal! Like, a really, really big deal. Because how you communicate says more than what you communicate. And the design is the how.

Five questions to ask a designer at an interview:

1. Why did you become a designer? Who inspires you?

2. How do you approach problem solving? What is your process?

3. What was the greatest risk you’ve taken so far in your portfolio? Did it work out?

4. Please show examples of systems you’ve designed. What was the guiding concept?

5. What questions do you typically ask clients at the start of a job?

Listen for these things: a point of view, thoughtfulness, curiosity, excitement.

Warning signs: the opposite of those things.

What to look for in a portfolio? The Unexpected. Intelligence. Whimsy. Simplicity. Solutions.

I’ve had the delight of interviewing a few great designers, including Grammy winner Masaki Koike and 3D type master Andrew Byrom. Get a peek into their thinking!

More ideas on how to hire a designer are at AIGA, the professional association for design. They also have a great series of case studies that show you what thoughtful designers can do.


Photo by Karen Lauritsen from


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